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Gamo Air Guns, Adult Precision Air Rifles, Airgun Pellets, Lasers and Optics

Gamo is a world leader in the design and manufacture of air rifles, pellet guns and air pistols. They are over 120 years old and continue to go from strength to strength. Their precision ergonomic design and attention to quality means that they make some of the best high quality and high powered air rifles in the world. Their air pistols and CO2 powered airguns rival the best. Whether you are looking for a pellet gun for some backyard plinking, or you’re interested in pest control and dealing with vermin, or even better you’re into small game hunting, Gamo will have an airgun for you.

Their precision engineered and quality pellets, ammunition for every purpose, can be matched precisely not only to your pellet gun, but also to your target. They are the single biggest manufacturers of airgun pellets worldwide, and constantly work at improving the quality and design of their pellets.

Gamo is one the world’s most respected airgun manufacturers and is available for sale all over the world. It is a favourite of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, of hobby shotists and backyard plinkers. Gamo has something for everyone.

The P25 Blowback Tactical CO2 powered air pistol.


The Gamo PT-25 Tactical CO2 pistol sports an authentic blowback action. It is fitted with a rifled steel barrel and single or double action trigger and fires as a semi-automatic pistol. It comes standard with a silencer, adding 18cm to the barrel. It is fitted with a 20mm dot sight, which can be changed from red to blue or green. The textured grip and synthetic design add to the real feel of the pistol. It comes with a 16 shot capacity magazine and it ideal for backyard plinking and all round fun. It uses a standard 12g CO2 cannister.


INTRODUCING - The Whisper CFR Fixed Barrel Air Rifle - Power and Accuracy Combined

Whisper CFR Fixed Barrel Air Rifle

The .177 Caliber CFR is the first fixed barrel Air Rifle in the Whisper series. The integrated ND52 noise dampener system and the fixed rifled steel barrel will ensure long lasting accuracy. Capable of 1100 FPS with PBA® Platinum Ammo turning this rifle into the ultimate varmint hunter. The CFR Air Rifle is also equipped an adjustable cheek pad and a newly designed recoil pad with 74% more recoil absorbing pressure, allowing more comfortable shooting than ever.


Gamo MP9

Introducing the Gamo MP-9

The Gamo MP-9 is a semi-automatic air pistol with an authentic blowback action. What makes this one a real cracker is that you are able to fire off up to 8 pellets a second. It sports an authentic blowback action and has a magazine capacity of 16 pellets. In addition that can be loaded up with BBs. This tactical look a like Gamo BB pistol is sure to be a big hit when it arrives in September.
Read up more about the Gamo MP-9 

New stock arriving - end April 2015.

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PBA Bullet


PBA Bullet Airgun Pellet


Copper retains 100% of its weight after expansion, retaining velocity/energy creating less ballistic drag. The shape and long skirt create a flatter trajectory and tighter group patterns. Terminal impact for a clean, vital shot kill. Available in .177 caliber.

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